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Aims & Scope


The International Journal of Clinical Investigation and Case Reports (IJCICR) is devoted to providing systematic coverage of the clinical trial and clinical research technique, progress, and outcomes. IJCICR is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research quickly and critically examines the most recent breakthroughs in medical research.


The International Journal of Clinical Investigation and Case Reports (IJCICR) covers current concerns in clinical drug research and methods, as well as providing a venue for the rapid dissemination of new medication data from human investigations. Coverage includes vaccinations, monoclonal antibodies, antisense, cell, and gene therapies, and recombinant proteins, as well as conventional small-molecule pharmaceuticals and biotech-derived therapeutic entities including vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, antisense, cell, and gene therapies, and recombinant proteins. Overviews of new medications or therapeutic classes in clinical trials, For specific diseases or therapeutic areas, clinical progress is being made. Clinical findings from Phase I to IV studies, pharmacoeconomics and healthcare outcomes Individualized therapy and patient stratification Commentary on ongoing trials, Concerns about drug safety and monitoring of adverse events Clinical trial biomarkers, Regulatory issues, Clinical trial data management, and statistics.


Topics covered include: 


Aging Criminal Investigations Microbiology
AIDS/HIV Dermatology Muscle Biology
Amniocentesis Development Nephrology
Angiogenesis Diagnostic Imaging Neuroscience
Angiography Endocrinology


Autoimmunity Forensics Investigations Ophthalmology
Bioinstrumentation Gastroenterology Orthopedic Bioengineering
Biomaterials Genetic Testing Otology
Biomechanics Genetics Pathology
Biomedical Science Hematology Physiological Science
Blood Analysis Hepatology Pulmonology
Bone Biology Immunology Rehabilitation Engineering
Brain Scanning Infectious Disease Reproductive Biology
Cardiology Inflammation Stem Cells
Cell Biology Life Sciences Surgery
Cellular and Chemical Analysis Magnetic Resonance Imaging Systems Physiology
Cellular, Tissue and Genetic Engineering Medical Imaging Therapeutics
Chemistry Medical Investigations Transplantation
Clinical Engineering Medical Physics or Bioengineering Vaccines
Clinical Investigation Medicine Vascular Science
Clinical Trials Metabolism Virology



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